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In line with our vision statement the social and emotional health and wellbeing of all our students is paramount to what we offer in a safe and supportive environment at St. Charles Borromeo Primary School. 

To support and manage this important area we have a Student Wellbeing Leader on staff. 

All students benefit from:

  • The explicit teaching and learning of social-emotional skills;

  • A School Wide Positive Behaviour framework where all students are taught the behaviours we want to see and are rewarded for their commitment to these positive behaviours;

  • A Restorative Practice approach to restoring all relationships when a conflict arises;

  • Explicit teaching of being safe, responsible and respectful in the on-line world through our eSmart program;

  • Mindfulness Meditation from Foundation to Grade 6;

  • Our buddy program based on the Alannah and Madeline Better Buddies framework;

  • Understanding of gender equality through our Respectful Relationships program;

  • Being safe through our Child Safety standards;

  • Having a voice in all that is important to them through our Student Representative Council.

  • All staff being trained in the Berry Street Education model.

Social-emotional skills

Social and emotional learning is about learning how to manage feelings, manage friendships and solve problems. These are essential life skills that support wellbeing and positive mental health. Social and emotional skills promote children’s ability to cope with difficulties and help to prevent mental health problems. Children who have developed social and emotional skills find it easier to manage themselves, relate to others, resolve conflict, and feel positive about themselves and the world around them.


School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)

School Wide Posiive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)  is a way for schools to encourage good behavior. With SWPBSkstudents learn about behavior, just as they learn other subjects like maths or science. The key to SWPBS is prevention, not punishment

Restorative Practice

St. Charles Borromeo is a Restorative School. This means all staff are trained in Restorative Practice. Restorative Practice is a framework of behaviour management that moves away from the traditional punitive response to any indisgression that may happen to your child or by your child. While still providing limits and consequences, it looks for ways to repair the damaged relationships and improve existing relationships. The Restorative School believes in the “Three R’s” - Relationships, Responsibility and Relevance.

In working with the student/s using a Restorative Approach, a staff member uses four (4) main questions:

  1. What happened?

  2. Who was hurt/ affected by what happened?

  3. What needs to happen to make things right?

  4. If the same situation happens again, how could you behave differently?

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 Children are the greatest beneficiaries of the digital era and are learning to navigate the online world at a younger and younger age. We need to ensure our schools are equipped to teach children, and the whole community, how to benefit from online technology whilst being savvy and prepared for the pitfalls - cyber bullying, scams, fraud, exposure to predators and inappropriate content. 

St Charles Borromeo was the first school in Australia to become an eSmart school. We ensure everyone knows how to be smart, safe and responsible online.

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Berry Street Education Model

This education initiative is based on proven positive education, trauma-informed and wellbeing practices that enable students’ academic and personal growth. The model is unique because it educates schools and their leaders to reinforce and sustain cognitive and behavioural change, thereby re-engaging young people in learning and progressing their academic achievement.