St Charles Borromeo Primary School has three buildings in all that make up our state of the art learning spaces. Each is purposely built to meet the demands of the 21st century learner. 

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Discovery Centre

Our Discovery Centre opened in 2010 much to the delight of of our school community, with a picnic celebration and blessing from our Parish Priest Father Gerry. The Library forms one half of the Discovery Centre and is a modern addition to our current learning spaces. The Library collection is currently being developed and already we have over 6000 items which have been catalogued and in use by our Staff and students. The Library space is currently being used to develop a love of literature, class borrowing and lessons with the interactive whiteboard and access to the internet.


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eLearning Hub

Adjoining the discovery centre is the eLearning Hub that consists of a eLearning space with the latest computers. They are fully networked with Internet access, headphones, microphones and webcams. With the latest software teachers can blank and monitor all screens, and display children’s work through a central projector. The children get to create publish and explore web 2.0 tools and technology that is required for the 21st century learner.  

Cyber safety is paramount in the “Hub” and throughout the school so setting up a safe learning environment in today’s digital world has become part of our teaching.

Arts / Physical Education Centre

Our latest learning space was completed at the start of 2011. It incorporates a visual art and craft centre, Performing Arts room, Italian Room and sports hall featuring a raised stage, with lighting and projection facilities. This indoor area allows children to express their creativity through the Arts and movement. It also embraces a large kitchen and spaces for small groups.

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