St. Charles Borromeo is a Catholic Primary School in the Parish of St. Kevin’s, Templestowe. It opened in 1983 as the second primary school in the parish, catering for the eastern end of our community from Williamsons Road to Blackburn Road. Together, with our sister school St. Kevin's we are committed to bringing our parish alive! 

In 2006 St. Charles Borromeo completed building a new state-of-the art school including classrooms, offices and multi-purpose facilities. In 2009 our Discovery Centre was completed which incorporates a new library and e-learning hub for the children to enjoy. In 2010, we saw the completion of another new building, our Art and Sports Complex. This building consist of a 3⁄4 basketball court, an indoor/outdoor stage area to accommodate Performing Arts, a room for Visual Arts, Italian Room, a foyer and kitchen facilities.

In 2014 new playground was installed and the "cubby area' landscaped to provide the children with a wonderful outdoor space to play in. The 'cubby area' would not have been possible without the support of our community at our 2013 working bee. In 2017 our amazing working bee committee designed (with the help of students) and constructed our new Sensory Garden. In 2018 our Science Room will be completed. 

St. Charles Borromeo’s classes are intentionally composed of children of different ages in “multi-age” settings. Such groupings reflect our beliefs and understandings about how children best learn. We employ a wide range of dedicated teaching staff, including a number of specialists. All classrooms are wireless. In 2014 we have embarked on placing hand held devices in all areas of the school. Our vision is to educate our children to a level where in 5/6 they will best select the tool to represent their learning.  St. Charles Borromeo has vast facilities and grounds and is involved in many programs including inter-school sport, swimming and school camps. At St. Charles Borromeo we aim to be a place of learning – and fun! We offer a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing Religion and the key learning areas outlined in the Australian Curriculum. School liturgies and sacramental programs, involving children and families, are important in our commitment to developing a Christian community.

We focus on the needs of individuals rather than those of the ‘grade’. The children have the opportunity to work with others on the basis of skills, interests, personality and age. Much like a family, the children support and are supported by other members of the group and work cooperatively with students of different ages, allowing them to recognise the range of abilities and talents within their class group. This results in a wider variety of relationships and social experiences.

Another important part of St. Charles Borromeo is our focus on values. In October 2009, we were granted Values Education validation and re-accredited in 2016. We are the first school outside of the United Kingdom to be recognised as teaching Values Education. Our focus on values helps nurture the development of well-rounded children and adults.

Our relationships are developed and nurtured through Restorative Practices and we are one of two school in the archdiocese of Melbourne to have obtained re-accreditation. 


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