The Advisory Board serves a number of functions for the School including

  • Support the provision of Catholic education in the parish by providing a link to the school community
  • Promote the role of community in the life of the school
  • Promoting and supporting the Catholic ethos of the school
  • Act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the school
  • Involvement in policy review and development
  • Contributing to setting objectives for the school year, providing advice on budget planning, finance-related matters and preparation of reports
  • Supporting the parish school in practical ways, such as ensuring the maintenance of equipment and facilities
  • Engaging in local promotion of the school
  • Communicating with parents/carers and the school’s parent groups and auxiliaries
  • Planning for the future and ensuring that the parish school can accommodate future enrolments
  • Facilitate the integration of parents/carers and children new to the school
  • Contributing to the selection process for the school principal

Some recent initiatives of the St. Charles Borromeo School Advisory Board include the Friendship List, Parent/Carer Buddy Program, School Handbook, inclusion of Board meeting key points in the school newsletter, World Teachers Day, Annual School Picnic & Opening Ceremony Events,

Board Members:

• attend monthly board meetings (the second Tuesday of the month at 8pm)
• prepare for meetings by reading relevant papers beforehand
• participate in committee work
• participate in board formation activities
• actively participate in board discussions
• uphold board decisions.

The St. Charles Borromeo School Advisory Board meets once a month and welcomes any input from members of the school community for items of discussion.

Annual General Meeting

All parents/legal guardians of a child enrolled at St. Charles Borromeo are invited to attend the St. Charles Borromeo School Advisory Board Annual General Meeting (AGM). The date, time and venue details are advertised in the school newsletter. Each year at the AGM, the Advisory Board conducts an election for school parent representatives on the Advisory Board for the coming three-year period. This is a great opportunity for any parent with a child enrolled at the school to become involved, with the aim of developing St. Charles Borromeo in the best way possible.

Through representation on the School Advisory Board, each board member assumes a leadership role in the school. Therefore, members must be committed to the ethos of the school as articulated in its mission and vision statements.

For additional information or to register an expression of interest to become a member, please